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Welcome to
Department of Strength of Materials and Computational Mechanics       

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Silesian University of Technology
44-100 Gliwice, ul. Konarskiego 18a
phone +48 32 2371204, fax +48 32 2371282

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Main research fields
Simulation, cooperation, offer
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Department of Strength of Materials and Computational Mechanics came into being on 1997.
The Department consist of three divisions:
  • Division of the Computational Methods in Strength of Materials
  • Division of the Numerical Methods in Thermomechanics and Biomechanics
  • Division of the Inteligent Computing Systems

Department staff consists of 27 persons including 25 research workers. The Head of Department is prof. Tadeusz Burczynski.

Main research fields of the Department are:

  • solid mechanics
  • mechanics of continuum
  • termomechanics
  • parallel computing in mechanics
  • computational mechanics computer science techniques in mechanical engineering and computational material science
  • biomechanics
  • multiscale modelling
  • inverse problems in mechanics
  • optimization of system and processes
  • modeling of physical processes
  • strength of strucrural elements in linear, non-linear and dynamic problems
  • development and applications of BEM and FEM
  • computer methods in termomechanics
  • sensitivity analisis and methods of topology and shape optimization
  • identification of internal defects
  • numerical modelling of systems in stochastic and fuzzy uncertain conditions
  • computer methods in static and dynamic fracture mechanics
  • modelling of heat and mass diffusion
  • moving boundary problems
  • thermodynamics of foundry processes
  • computer simulation of technological processes
  • biomechanical models of bone and muscle systems
  • modelling of heat and mass transfer in biomechanics

Our offer regards to experimental tests of strenght of materials, structural and machine components. The experimental tests are performed on the proffesional equipment like:

  • Tensile testing machine - ZWICK SMZ050/TH3S (max. load 50KN)
  • Tensile testing machine - Heckert FPZ 100 (max. load 100KN)
  • Extensometer system - ESAM Traveller 2 Measurements Group Messtechnik GmbH VISHAY
    more details (in polish)

From many years department cooperates with industry corporations (see examples - in polish). We have a lot of expirience in computer analysis of structures:

  • static and dynamic analysis
  • linear and nonlinear (plasticity, large strains) problems
  • fatigue and crack propagation
  • thermal strength
  • computer analysis of solidification and crystalization processes
  • design and optimization of structures using gradient, evolutionary and other methods
    (example numerical simulation)

Simulations are performed by means of the commercial FEM software (MSC.Software Corporation):


Department for Strength of Materials and Computational Mechanics makes well-equiped lecture halls and laboratories available to students. Moreover we have modern computer cluster build from double processor Xeon 2,66GHz. Peak performance of the cluster is equal to 51GFlop.
more details (in polish)



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