Laboratory of Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS)

Centre of New Technologies, Department of Air Protection, Konarskiego 22B Str., Room 37B
Manager: Elwira Zajusz-Zubek (email at:

In this laboratory the determination of trace elements in environmental samples, as well as in coals and dust are carried out. The concentrations of trace elements are measured using the AVANTA PM atomic absorption spectrometer of the GBC with the HG 3000 hydride generator, the MC 3000 mercury concentrator, the EHG 3000 electric cell heater and the atom trap cell (accessory which increases sensitivity of flame AAS) and the GF 3000 graphite furnace AVANTA GM of the GBC and also microwave high pressure mineraliser UniClever BM – 1z of the Plazmatronika. 

The HG 3000 hydride generator is an automated system generating the analyte vapour continuously. It is used for the determination of arsenic, selenium and other hydride-forming elements at ppb levels. The system is also used for the determination of mercury by the cold vapour technique. 

The MC 3000 mercury concentrator accessory for the HG 3000 is used for the determination of mercury with detection limits of 4 ppt. 

The graphite furnace make it possible to determine contaminants at ppb levels. The system includes the PAL 3000 autosampler.